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Zhang, Muhui  (張暮輝, 장무휘)
Assistant Professor
Office:  Engineering Bldg. #12(#103)  Room 321
Contact:  051-510-3008
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Ph.D. in political science, the University of Tokyo, Japan

International Political Economy  국제정치경제론
Political Economy of International Cooperation in East Asia  동아시아국제협력의 정치경제

[2018] "Rapprochement in Northeast Asia can Stabilise the Region", 『East Asia Forum Quarterly』 10(3), pp. 17-20.
[2018] "Proceeding in Hardship: The Trilateralism-Bilateralism Nexus and the Institutional Evolution of China-Japan-South Korea Trilateralism", 『The Pacific Review』 31(1), pp. 57-75.
[2018] "Institutional Creation or Sovereign Extension? Roles and Functions of Nascent China-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat", 『International Relations of the Asia-Pacific』 18(2), pp. 249–278.
[2016] “Growing Activism as Cooperation Facilitator: China-Japan-Korea Trilateralism and Korea’s Middle Power Diplomacy”, 『The Korean Journal of International Studies』 14(2), pp. 309-337.