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Kim Eunmi  (김은미)
Assistant Professor
Office:  Engineering Bldg.#3(#105)  Room 508
Contact:  051-510-2541
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Ph.D. in Business Administration, Korea University Business School, Korea

International Marketing  국제 경영 및 전략
International Market Research  해외시장조사론
International Business  국제경영론

[2018] “Determinants of brand localization in international markets” 『Service Business』 (forthcoming)
[2018] “An empirical study of the relationship between marketing standardization and performance of Japanese firms in international markets: the moderating role of product strategy” 『International Journal of Marketing & Distribution』 (forthcoming).
[2017] “International orientation and cross-functional integration in new product development” 『Asian Business & Management』 16(4/5), pp.226-252.
[2017] “Overcoming country-of-origin image constraints on hiring: the moderating role of CSR” 『Asian Business & Management』 16(4/5), pp.253-271.
[2017] “The relationship between export market orientation and export performance for SMEs” 『무역통상학회지』 17(1), pp.73-92.
[2016] “조직 학습 관점에서 중소기업의 EMO와 수출성과의 관계에 대한 연구” 『국제경영리뷰』 20(4), pp.61-79.
[2016] “The effects of brand origin knowledge and consumer characteristics on purchase intention of foreign products” 『경영연구』 31(3), pp.169-197.
[2016] “세계로 향하는 한국 디저트 카페: 설빙(雪氷)” 『Korea Business Review』 20(1), pp.177-195.
[2015] “A study of relationship between international orientation and performance in international markets for SMEs” 『국제경영리뷰』 19(4), pp.223-241.
[2015] “An exploratory study of product strategy in Korean exporters” 『Review of Business Research』 15(2), pp.33-38.
[2015] “다국적 기업의 광고 표준화와 기업 성과의 관계에 관한 실증연구” 『국제경영연구』 26(1), pp.29-53.
[2014] “글로벌 시장의 제품 전략과 마케팅 표준화 간 관계에 대한 실증 연구” 『국제경영리뷰』 18(3), pp.99-118.
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