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Richard W. Shannon  (리차드 섀넌)
Assistant Professor  of International Area & Cooperation Studies
Office:  Seonghak Hall(#422)  Room 613
Contact:  051-510-3613
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Ph.D. in International Studies, Denver University, U.S

Comparative Politics of East Asia
American Politics and Foreign Relations
American History, Society, and Culture
International Development Cooperation: International Development Practice
Comparative Development Cooperation Policy

[2014] “Global Ignorance about Northeast Asian Aid Systems: The Role of Ideas” 『동북아 문화연구』1(41), pp.591-612.
[2013] “New Perspectives on Teaching American and International Studies in Northeast Asia: A South Korean Case Study” 『동아인문학』24, pp.391-431.
[2012] “Teaching and Promoting Business Anthropology in Northeast Asia: Implications from a South Korean Case Study” 『무역통상학회지』12(3), pp.69-111.
[2012] “Occidental Ignorance: How the International Development Industry Ignores Asian Development and Aid Donors” 『동북아 문화연구』1(32), pp.409-436.