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Three Centers have been established that reflect both the research interests of the faculty and the issues faced by today's policymakers: the PNU EU center, PNU International Exchange & Cooperation Project for Shipping, Port & International Logistics and PNU-KIEP Graduate Program for Area Study(GPAS) center.
To meet the challenges and the demands placed on the world’s environment, economy and political institutions of the 21st century, the GSIS will also sponsor a number of important research initiatives.
PNU Graduate School of International Studies(GSIS) has been conducting Graduate Program for Area Study(GPAS) from 2010, supported by Korea Institute for International Economy Policy(KIEP) to train experts on various world regions. For the first three years, GPAS had focused on Europe and has carried projects and activities for fostering experts on Southeast Asia regions from 2013. The particular projects include international collaborative research, students’ seminars, and support projects on regional research. Students of the GSIS who participate in the GPAS program get a grant for research and activities related to area studies. Additionally the GPAS provides global internship programs which help students to do an internship in overseas research institutions.