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Global Business for Executives

1. Eligibility for Admission
- Those who can satisfy the condition ①, ② and ③ below.
① Those who have obtained (or will obtain) a bachelor's degree before entering PNU GSIS (Spring: by Feb / Fall: by Aug).
② Those with the equivalent qualifications according to related law.
③ Those who are employed by a firm composed of a minimum of 5 full-time workers.
※ The employer of the applicant should make a business contract with the PNU Institute for Research and Industry Cooperation ( at least one semester before the start of classes).
※ The tuition fee of the applicant shall not exceed 50% of the total amount (according to the business contract, the applicant's employer should support at least 50% of the total tuition fee based on related law).
2. Recruitment
Course Major Volume
Master's Degree Global Business 30
3. Admissions Timetable
Course Major Volume Volume Volume
Jan - Feb February Mid February 1st week of
July - Aug July Mid July 1st week of
4. For more information
PNU Admission Website http://go.pusan.ac.kr
PNU GSIS Administrative Office Tel: 051-510-1663 / E-mail: gsis@pusan.ac.kr