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Doctoral Program

  International Trade
International Trade provides students with an understanding of the environment in which international trade and commerce are conducted. Focusing on international business, trade, and economic issues, students are fully equipped with skills and know-how, and ready to work well in any workplaces in the international market. To do so, diverse courses are offered in theory and practice:microeconomics, international business and economics, international finance, international marketing, international management strategy, case studies in global business, international trade negotiation, international trade on game theory, international trade law, and other areas. Students in this major will likely work in the areas of international business/trade and related fields in the public sector.
  International Logistics & Port Management
International Logistics and Port Management provide students with un understanding of international shipping, international logistics and port management. The main subjects are port economics, international logistics management, global SCM (Supply Chain Management), international transport, port planning and management, port logistics policy and low, comparative studies of international port management, shipping management, maritime business and law, and related subjects. As logistics experts who combine theory and practical ability, students of this major are expected to work in logistics and port management areas on the international level.
  International Area & Cooperation Studies
The international Area and Cooperation Studies is divided into two sub-majors, International Areas Studies and International Cooperation. International Cooperation is mainly focused on fostering the expertise needed for the international cooperation in the age of globalization. International Cooperation offers diverse courses as International Relations, International Political Economy, International Communication and Culture, Research of International Organizations, BRICs Studies and Studies in Contemporary Global Issues, and so on. The International Area Studies is an interdisciplinary major committed to the preparation of students for careers in global areas. Included course in the curriculum of the International Area Studies are America Area Studies, Japan Area Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, comparative studies in the nation, Culture and Religion, Studies in Regional conflicts in Asia, and Studies in overseas Chinese. The graduates from the international Area and Cooperation Studies are performing as regional specialists and international cooperation professionals in the international agencies, NGOs, multinational cooperation, and so on.
  European Union Studies
The major of EU studies provides students with the unique opportunity of developing expertise regarding the organizations and policies of the European Union and cultural, business, and political relations between East Asia and European countries. EU studies covers diverse EU related subjects: EU politics and governance, EU economic integration, EU and Korea, EU enterprise and industries and direct investment, and business strategy of the EU.