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Master's Program

Graduate School of International Studies is one of the professional schools, and the course of study in our school extends over 2 years (4 semesters). GSIS generally provides day classes,yet partially offers evening classes and Saturday classes. Students can take the maximum of 5 courses (15 credits) each semester.

부산대학교 국제전문대학원은 전문대학원으로서 수업연한은 2년 4학기제이며 재학연한은 석사과정 4년, 박사과정 6년을 초과할 수 없습니다 (휴학기간은 재학연한에 산입하지 않음). 학기 당 최대 5과목(15학점) 신청가능하며 주로 주간수업을 개설하고 있으나 야간 및 토요일 수업도 일부 개설하고 있습니다.
   Academic Requirement
The requirements for graduation below should be satisfied. A minimum of 42 credits is required for graduation (including 3 credits from ‘thesis research’), but in case of non-thesis degree track, a minimum of 48 credits is required for graduation (unavailable to take‘thesis research’).

아래의 졸업요건을 만족해야 수료가능하며 논문학위자의 경우 최소 42학점(‘논문연구’ 3학점 포함), 무논문학위자의 경우 최소 48학점(‘논문연구’수강불가능)이상 취득해야 합니다.
The List of Compulsory Subjects | 공통기초 과목 목록
Subject Number Subject Name Credit
90153 Research Methodology ( 연구조사방법론 ) 3
90203 International Business and Economics ( 국제경영·경제학 ) 3
90204 Area Studies and International Cooperation ( 국제지역·협력론 ) 3
1. Completion of 3 Compulsory Subjects(9 credits)

2. Completion of at least 5 Elective Subjects (15 credits) in Majoring(Not including ‘Thesis Research’)

3. Fulfillment ofRequired Credits for Graduation

A minimum of 42 credits is required (including 3 credits from ‘thesis research’)
A minimum of 48 credits is required (unavailable to take ‘thesis research’)

1. 공통기초 3과목(9학점) 이수

2. 전공선택 5과목(15학점) 이수(‘논문연구’ 미포함)

3.수료학점 이수

논문학위트랙(Thesis Degree Track): 최소 42학점 이수(‘논문연구’ 포함)
무논문학위트랙(Non-Thesis Degree Track): 최소 48학점 이수(‘논문연구 수강불가능)