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Dean's Greeting

Think Globally, Act Locally!
GSIS, We are ready for tomorrow.
The Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Pusan National University (PNU) was established in March 1997. The mandate given to the GSIS at the time of its establishment was to serve as an outstanding graduate program to prepare professionals who would be fluent in foreign languages and well-versed in international affairs. About twenty years have passed since the creation of the GSIS and we have produced hundreds of graduates with the master's or PhD degrees. They are working as competent professionals in various areas, such as international trade, international logistics, international area studies, development cooperation, international exhibition/convention industry, and other areas of global affairs.
The GSIS was reinvented in March 2004 when it changed its legal status to that of a professional graduate school. We have nine faculty members from diverse academic backgrounds, including economics, management, political science, area studies, history
and anthropology. The GSIS faculty profile is unusually colorful as the professors have earned their doctoral degrees in six different countries. In 2009, we launched the PNU EU Center, funded by the European Commission, which leads to the extensive academic and cultural exchanges with the EU and its 27 member states. It has allowed the GSIS to offer a wide range of activities including formal courses, conferences, seminars, and lectures by visiting scholars and speakers from Europe. At this stage, we have completed our initial efforts over the past decade to secure a set of state-of-the-art infrastructure.
We are making further progress to make our curricula a world-class level. Our M.A. and Ph.D. programs provide a unique combination of academic training and practical knowledge for students who wish to develop their professional careers in such areas as international business, logistics, international development cooperation, international relations and area studies. More and more students with good qualification enter the GSIS. Our students are devoting themselves to studies of their majors, coming into contact with new learning in the broad field of international studies. Responding to such academic passion of students, professors are doing their best to make the GSIS a home for top-level specialists in diverse fields related to international affairs.
Lee Jaewoo

Kim, Sangyoul

Dean, Graduate School of

International Studies

Pusan National University