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[2018-2] GSIS 추계행사 Autumn Event: Field Trip

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[2018-2] GSIS 추계행사 공지

Notice of Autumn Event: Field Trip

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   안녕하십니까, GSIS 원우회에서 알립니다. 찬란한 가을을 맞아 거제도 일대에서 푸른 바다를 만끽하며 교수님, 학생분들 간의 친목과 화합을 도모하고자 추계행사를 진행합니다.


1. 일시: 2018. 11. 10. (토) 9:30am  
2. 장소: 거제도 일대 (삼성산학협동관 2층 집합 후 이동)
3. 참가비: 25,000원  (* 학생회비를 납부하지 않은 학생에 한함)

Notifying from the Student Council.
We are much pleased to let you know about the autumn event: Field Trip to Geoje Island. With beautiful seashore and autumn breeze, We hope to promote our friendship further among the students and professors in the field trip.

1. Date: 10/Nov/2018, 09:30 a.m.
2. Location: Geoje Island
   * We are willing to meet you at the main gate of Sanhak Building ( Bldg No. 508, at the 2nd floor ), at 09:30 a.m.(Please be on time! )
3. Trip fee: KRW 25,000
   * Only students who did not contribute their membership fee.

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