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[2018-1] Tuition Fee Payment for Enrolled Students

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2018학년도 제 1학기 재학생 등록금 수납계획 알림

Notice of Registration(Tuition) Fee Payment for Enrolled Students



1. 수납기간 (Payment Period) : 2018.Feb.20.(TUE)~Feb.23.(FRI) 16:00 (Only for 4 days)


2. 고지서 출력(Print out bill) : 2018.Feb.13.(WED) 10:00~ * Amount of Tuition Fee: refer to 등록금 일람표 menu in e-onestop.pusan.ac.kr


3. 수납 금융기관 (Receiving Bank) : All branches of Nonghyup, Busan, Hana, KB, Shinhan and Woori Bank


4. 납부 방법 (How to Pay) : visit Bank window, transfer to Virtual Account system, pay via Credit Card


5. 분할 납부 (Divided Payment) :


    1) All Enrolled Students who want to apply for divided payment  

    2) How to apply: apply through PNU website

      * visit 학생지원시스템(e-onestop.pusan.ac.kr)->click 등록-> click 현금등록안내-> click 분할납부 및 신청

    3) Application Period: 2018.Feb.1.(THU)10 a.m.~Feb.9.(FRI) 18:00 (Punctuality)

    4) Payment Period : 2~4 times during 3 months (You can select the number of division)

    5) Receiving Bank : (1st Payment) All branches of Nonghyup, Busan, Hana, KB, Shinhan and Woori Bank

                                 (From 2nd Payment) All branches of Nonghyup, Busan and Hana Bank




Print out Bill  

 Payment Period

Amount of Tuition

 The 1st Payment

 From 2018.Feb.13.(Wed) 10시~


 - Equal Division

 The 2nd Payment

 From 2018.Mar.19.(Mon) 10시~


 The 3rd Payment

  From 2018.Apr.18.(Wed) 10시~


 The 4th Payment

 From 2018.May.17.(Thu) 10시~



  * After the 1st payment, if you do not pay the reminder, you will be expelled.

  * If you apply for divided payment, and then you also apply for leave of absence, you should pay all tuition fee.


6. Differential Payment (차등납부)


  1) Students who could not complete course during 4 semesters and would like to register for over 5 semesters  
      4학기를 이수하고 수료학점을 취득하지 못하여 5회 이상 등록하는 대학원생 중 0.5 ~ 3.5학점 이내 수강신청

   2) Course registration:

       Students applying for differential payment should apply for course registration witin 3.5 credits

       차등납부 대상자는 반드시 대학원 3.5학점 이내로 수강신청(수강정정) 하여야 함 (등록금 고지서 자동생성 됨)

   3) Amount of Payment (차등납부 신청 학점별 금액)

     - 대학원생 (Graudate Students)
       ① Within 0.5~3.5 creidits per semester (학기당 신청학점 0.5 ~ 3.5학점) : a half of total tuition fee 등록금액의 1/2 납부
       ② Over 4 credits per semester (학기당 신청학점 4학점 이상 신청자) : Full Amount of Tuition fee 전액 납부

   4) Payment Period 납부(등록)기간 : 2018.Mar.27.(Tue) ~ Mar. 30.(Fri) <※Print out bill : from Mar. 26.(Mon) 10a.m.~>  

   5) Receiving BanK : All branches of Nophyup/Busan/Hana Bank All branches

   6) Note : Students applying for differential payment should pay tuition.


7. NOTE 기타 유의사항


 1) Even you grant full tuition, you should register for a course by submitting your bill to the designated banks  

 2) Students applying for leave of absence after tuition payment don't have to pay tuition again when you come back to school.
  3) If you apply for leave of absence without tuition payment, you should apply for leave of absence during designated period. 
  4) Confirmation for Registation : After paying tuition, you should print out bill from PNU website (e-onestop.pusan.ac.kr->click 등록-> click 개인별등록확인 및 영수증 출력)

※ In case of Nonghyup, Busan and Hana bank, you can comfirm promptly. However, in case of other banks, you can confirm the day after payment.




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