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[2018-1] 휴복학 신청기간 Leave of Absence or Return to School

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 2018학년도 1학기 휴·복학 기간 통보

Application for the Leave of Absence or the Return to School


​※ 2018학년도 1학기 휴복학기간을 다음과 같이 지정하여 통보합니다. We inform the application periods for the leave of absence or the return to school as below.

  ▣ 휴복학 신청기간

    - 1차 휴복학 신청기간(The first applicatin period) : 2017. Dec.21.(Thu) ~ Dec.27.(Wed) 6 pm.

    - 2차 휴복학 신청기간(The second applicatin period) : 2018. Jan. 29.(Mon)~Feb. 7.(Wed) 6 pm.

    - 3차 휴복학 신청기간(The third applicatin period) : 2018. Feb. 20.(Tue)~Dec. 23.(Fri) 6 pm.

      * This period is same with tuition payment period


  ▣ 휴복학 신청방법

    1) 학생지원시스템 (e-onestop.pusan.ac.kr) -> 2) 학적(Register) Category -> 3) 인터넷 휴복학 -> 4) 휴학신청 / 복학신청

  * Note: 외국인 학생이 휴복학을 신청할 경우, 신청 전 반드시 행정실로 연락해주세요.

    If international students would like to apply for the leave of absence or the return to school, please contact GSIS office in advance. (Tel: 051-510-1663/ E-mail: gsis@pusan.ac.kr)


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