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International Area & Cooperation Studies, MA Course



  The first semester passed quickly and I am very grateful for the help and advices from professors. It has been a challenge and commitment times in order to fulfill all the tasks which were provided by professors. Taking a master degree in the field of International Area and Cooperation Studies, a field which I believes is essential for career and my country in the future. This majors offers graduates the opportunity to enhance my leadership skill as well as knowledge in the study of globalization, development, democracies, processes of state formation, international organization, theories of international relations, global environmental politics, and the process of economic development.


  Learning with students from various part of the world has widened my scope, not only academically but also socially and culturally. Thanks to my academic record from my first semester and all the commitment I have put together, I have passed the scholarship (Fund) from Woojung Education and Culture Foundation. I would like to contribute my achievement to my professors, family, and friends who have been supporting and encouraging me. My first semester I have completed with four courses which are related to International Development, Research Methodology, Law and Policy of Development-Resources, and American Studies Area I. I have learned that the innovational ways of cooperation between developed countries and developing countries are required in the recent situation. Moreover, I learned that the international cooperation is really important not only for the recipient country but also for the donator country as well.

  Born in a poor neighborhood, I have witnessed poverty and social welfare issues that continue to shape my life’s ambition. My family and social circumstances have had a profound influence on shaping my personality and my character. They have led to my commitment to bring about positive change for the disadvantaged and have fully informed my academic and professional goals. I have been striving for an education while at the same time fighting with family and social issues. Having been exposed to and witnessed the hardship both in my own life experience and my neighbors’, I have built up a burning desire to see a better developed community where opportunities prevail and in which the next generation of young people can experience much more favorable socio-economic well-being. I still vividly remember a heart melted sentence said by my parents, “We are less educated, and we have had a hard life, so what we invest for you is education, my dear. Try all your best; we have witnessed your hard working. You have now proved to us and everyone that you have grown up! Your wing is now well built, and it is time to fly further and higher, my girl! Go for your dream, we all believe in you”. The words have dramatically given me ultimate motivation to go for my longing Master Degree of International Area and Cooperation Studies.

  Korea is a country which is one of the celebrated economic centers and development experience. Especially, The Graduate School of International Studies, Pusan National University, I believe, is precisely the institution that can furnish me with such an education and fit for my current and future endeavor and self-development at the department of International Area and Cooperation Studies. Your esteemed university enjoys a unique academic position and an unparalleled academic reputation, with a large number of leading scholars working in their respective field.