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Meet the World at GSIS


South Africa


International Trade, Ph.D Course





1. What made you choose PNU GSIS?

The choice of where to study was a tough decision to make. I was attracted to several universities in Seoul and Daegu. In the end I chose PNU for a few reasons. Firstly, PNU offered a very high level of education I felt some other universities could not match. A second reason could be attributed to the geographical location of PNU, which is situated near my Korean hometown of Gyeongju. Finally, I felt that the PhD program offered at PNU was very closely related to my current employment, which is as an educator of international business and management in Gyeongju.  


2. How (what) do you think about PNU GSIS?

I really enjoy my time here at GSIS. The professors are all very professional and give an abundant amount of their time to each student. There is a very relaxed atmosphere at PNU GSIS which allows for relationship building. I have had the privilege to meet many people at GSIS I can now proudly call my friends. 


3. Would you briefly introduce your country? Comparing your home country, what do you feel about living and studying in Korea?

I am from South Africa, where I grew up in a small town called George located on the southern coast of the country. The town sits between two major cities in South Africa, with Cape Town about a four hours’ drive to the West and Port Elizabeth three hours East. George is a relatively industrialized city as far as South Africa goes, and it is located at the center of one of the main tourist destinations in the country. The city is also littered with golf courses making it a haven for avid golf players.

South Africa is a lot different to Korea than I thought it would be. Everything from food, to music, and culture are all quite different between the two countries. Weather is also very different with my country having a rather pleasant year round moderate climate, while Korea has pretty extreme weather patterns. For many years, parts of South Africa were occupied by the British while the country also endured a lengthy Dutch presence. This helped shape the culture of the country into what it is today.

Living and studying in Korea is a lot of fun, but it does bring about many challenges. Apart from the cultural differences which surface from time to time, I am also a father to a son born when I started my studies at GSIS and I work a full-time job. I do however really enjoy the opportunity to further my studies, and to do so at a university as prestigious as PNU.    


4. What is your future goal or plan after graduating from PNU GSIS? What do you strive for in your life?

At the moment I am working as an assistant professor in Gyeongju. After the completion of my studies at PNU I hope to find a more permanent job in Korea, hopefully in Busan. If I could choose my future, I’d love to continue my job prospects in the academic field. Working in academia brings me an immense amount of joy and fulfillment.