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Meet the World at GSIS





International Trade, MA Course



1. Why did I choose PNU GSIS?

Firstly, it's one of the few schools that offer classes in English. Secondly, it has no mandatory requirement that one has to study Korean prior to admission or even after admission like other schools do.

Thirdly, it's in PNU and PNU is a prestigious name around the world and its ranked very highly globally and lastly a certain PNU professor recommended me and of course the scholarship is a perfect bait.


2. What I think about GSIS?

The best thing about GSIS is that it offers classes in English like I said earlier. I mean I got friends literally struggling to study in Korean and they are really having a hard time. Plus majority of professors are well eloquent in English so its easy to understand. I also love the flexibility; the fact that we get to chose the classes we wanna do for ourselves so it gives you ample time to travel around and get to know Korea more. Its easy for a new foreign student to adopt except sometimes its hard to know what's going on like deadlines etc.


3. My home country is Kenya in Africa. Korea vs Kenya?

Well, there's a big gap between the two and this is the best thing about being in Korea because you have a whole new different world to live in and its super exciting! Who wouldn't love studying and living in a whole new environment in another country? Korea is awesome, its great and I am loving it. My only fear was that we would study in Korean but thanks to GSIS I do not have to worry about that at all. Learning a new language, knowing new cultures and religions etc ; Korea is a basketful of fun for those of us who are curious and adventurous.


4. My future plans

I am still thinking about this, nothing is settled yet but I got 3 options. I cld decide to go back home (my bachelors was in law and I was working in a law firm) and continue with legal practice. This will be my last option when my other two fail hahahaa...because I really don't love legal practice, its boring and full of corruption

Secondly, we plan to go to New Zealand (my hubby and I: we just got married then came to Korea) so from here we plan to go to New Zealand where he wants to pursue a masters in leadership and public speaking and I will work there (I don't want to study anymore) I think we all love this option - we already have a scholarship for this.

Thirdly, we are considering staying in Korea for some time. Korea is great and we are loving it so if it offers greener pastures we could stay.