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Meet the World at GSIS








Qin Ying

International Logistics and Port Management, MA course




Instead of unlocking the vast land of Africa or exploring the exotic Latin American countries, after finishing four years’ undergraduate course in Portuguese, finally I came to South Korea to pursue my master degree. I should say I’m lucky because so far it doesn’t seem to be a regretful decision. Four years’ Portuguese study gave me another perspective to look at the world; Leaning in Portugal provided me with an opportunity to engage with different people and cultures; Various types of internships and part-time activities have enriched my social experience; In nowadays’ society where versatile people are widely needed, it’s always good to master some unique skills in the long term. That’s why I’m here.


In GSIS, students can learn a lot through various international perspectives, which is the most important impression I have upon PNU GSIS. You get to know how the fresh Norwegian salmon is being shipped to South Korea in the first time, what are the latest developments of Land, Sea, and Air Unmanned Systems Development (UGVs UAVs USVs), what impact of Trump presidency has on the FTAs, what are the supply chain management strategies applied behind Wal-Mart “Every Day Low Price” advertisement; In addition, you can also get to know the influence of China's “One Belt One Road” strategy has on the Eurasian continent, and of course hear some China’s “threat theory” and other interesting views as well.


My major is International Logistics & Port Management. Pusan is one of the most important port cities that contribute greatly to the development of national industry. I read the whole course information and curriculum and I think it will be a good major through which I will be able to learn lots of practical and useful knowledge. My professors are very professional and responsible. They respect every student and often let us ask them questions. Students from different countries and areas are always willing to discuss and share ideas in the class.


The first semester passed quickly and I am very grateful for the help of administration staff, especially Miss Sung. I’m also thankful for the kindness of the students’ council, Jin-won, Dae-young, Hyeon-jeong, as well as the Busan Tour and various welcome and ending parties organized by the other student council members. All of these were a great help when I was adapting myself to the new environment in Korea.


Life is full of changes and it looks mysterious, but I struggle for what I like and I tell myself it’s not as hard as it seems. After graduating from GSIS in PNU, I will go back to China and do the job from basics in my field to gain more work experience. I hope that I would be a logistics expert who could combine theory and practical abilities in supply chain management at an international level.