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International Logistics and Port Management, MA Course 








I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil. My story with Korea culture and studies is quite long, but in short, as an Administration and Logistic professional with over 10 years of work experience on Logistics, Procurement, Projects development and implementation, I have identified a range of opportunities of improvement in the Brazilian Logistic scenario, in special the Port operations and management sector. Then, I decided to find out about the innovations and best practices in this field, so I could learn more from it and develop not only my career but in somehow, to bring knowledge to Brazil.
Then, after some research throughout web content, a visit to Expo 2012 (in Yeosu city), friends’ recommendations, news and specialized magazines I discovered more about Pusan Port, its view of Port System, its connections and its proximity to Pusan National University. At the second moment of my research, being more specific, I found out and researched about the General School of International Studies (GSIS), its faculty and what it can offer in terms of knowledge, experience, prestige and know-how. Once decided, and passing through all the selection process, on the first semester of 2015, I commenced my studies in Port Management and International Logistics.
During my first semester, I was very impressed. The department is very well organized, the Professors master the knowledge on their regarded fields and many are nationally and internationally recognized for their performance and know-how, plus, a very important point when dealing with foreigners students, the professors are very emphatic, which enables them to better understand the needs of a foreigner student. The Network of the department allows us getting to know about the area in a practical approach by offering field trips and also announcing opportunities of Internship. Moreover, the multiculturalism of the students is a plus in terms of sharing experience and providing a different view in class discussions.
As a future plan, my idea is to successfully conclude my Master’s Program and as a complement, I intend to participate of internship programs in Busan based Corporations in order to add Port Management and International Logistics activities in my work experience and historic, as well as to apply my experience and learning to a real work environment. Once I fulfill my expectancy, then I should return to my hometown in order to apply all the fresh knowledge and to help developing the Brazilian Port and logistic scenario.