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Meet the World at GSIS



United State of America








1. What made you choose PNU GSIS?

After my husband received an offer to work for PNU, I decided to take advantage at the opportunity and see if I could pursue my master degree while he worked here. One of his co-workers recommended GSIS and after reviewing the degree options I decided it was a good fit to complement my Business Management degree and decided to apply.


2. How (what) do you think about PNU GSIS?

PNU GSIS has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of very interesting and diverse people so I think PNU GSIS has enriched my life by allowing me to interact with such diverse students. I also find the classes very interesting, eye-opening, and challenging but also rewarding. Overall, I am very grateful for the opportunity to study at PNU GSIS.


3. Would you briefly introduce your country? Comparing your home country, what do you feel about living and studying in Korea?

My country is the United States of America. Compared to the US living in Korea is very safe. As a women/female student I appreciate how safe and generally friendly people are here. Studying in Korea I feel it very interesting because you get to learn about a different part of the world and about different perspectives.


4. What is your future goal or plan after graduating from PNU GSIS? What do you strive for in your life?

After graduating with my masters at International Trade I plan to work in the international trade field either here in Korea or back in the US. If I continue living here I also plan to learn more Korean.