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International Area Studies, MA Course 








Korea is considered one of the countries in the world with excellent standards of education and my experience in GSIS does attest to this. Interacting with students from different cultural milieu as well as world class professors has enriched my learning experience. 
The professors' manner of instruction, albeit different and unique from one another, leaves one with a keen sense of further curiosity about the concepts and issues explored during the lectures. I enjoy the open discussions and full student engagement during the lectures. In addition to the lectures, the reading material, carefully selected by the lecturers, goes a long way in informing and directing the students. The professors are keen to cultivate an open approach with the students, and because of this, I am comfortable to engage them whenever on matters pertaining to education.
I greatly appreciate my fellow students as they have made my learning experience very enjoyable and thought provoking. With a combination of inquisitive minds and healthy discussions , the lectures are always lively. This is not to mention the occasional sense of humour. Learning with students from various parts of the world has widened my scope, not just academically but also culturally and socially. Even though I have not travelled to some of their countries, I now have a small glimpse into their life and what makes them who they are. This is not to say that I am now fully versed in the ways of the world, rather, through these interactions my emotional and social intelligence has greatly grown. Needless to say, I look forward to making firm lifelong friends even going into the future. 
The administration has played a key role in smoothing the settling in process. I greatly appreciate the ready willingness to assist me whenever I need direction.
Going into the future, I look forward to being a well-informed individual in my chosen field of study and career. I am enthusiastic about gaining new skills and polishing the already acquired skills. I also look forward to building my social capital in the name of good relations with individuals from various corners of the world. GSIS is a great networking place, as far as the future is concerned, and being an individual who is keen on what tomorrow holds, I am excited about how I am being empowered for the future, both academically and socially.