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Meet the World at GSIS





International and Area Studies, MA Course




1. What made me choose PNU GSIS?

 I joined PNU to pursue masters in International Trade because of several reasons. First after my undergraduate degree, I wanted to purse a master’s degree in a foreign country. After several considerations about other countries I preferred South Korea and particularlyPNU because of good recommendations from a friend (Esther) who was also studying here. Then the high rankings of the institution and the fact that I would study in English also gave me the desire to enroll and study at GSIS.



2. How do I think about PNU GSIS?

  I think PNU GSIS is one of the best avenues where a student can have a great global academic experience while studying especially in Korea. The well fitted courses, diverse choose of classes to study and having courses in English is awesome.



3. Comparing my home country, how I feel about living and studying in Korea?

  Kenya is a located in East Africa. It has a wide range of natural resources, beautiful geographical sites, wonderful climatic conditions, diverse ethnic groups among others. South Korea is a much far developed country compared to my country. I like life here because the people are hospitable and friendly. It’s simply amazing living in such a developed country.



4. My future goals and plans after PNU?

  My next plan is to study a PHD degree. I would like to work for multinational company later in life especially but not limited to a Korean company. I hope and pray my dreams comes true.