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Meet the World at GSIS





International and Area Studies, MA Course




1. What made you choose PNU GSIS?

  I chose PNU GSIS because of its good reputation. When I studied in China, I had the chance to meet many Korean students who recommended me to study at PNU because of its good environment and very skilled professors.


2. How (what) do you think about PNU GSIS?

  PNU GSIS is a wonderful place to learn and study. Since I entered the university for my Masters, I have never regretted my choice to study there. Professors are helpful and attentive to each student, courses are complete, and relationship between students is always pleasant and convivial.


3. Would you briefly introduce your country? Comparing your home country, what do you feel about living and studying in Korea?

  I come from France. I live near Nantes, a city located in the West of France. Studying in France cannot be compared with studying in Korea. Infrastructures such as library/canteen/dormitory/campus, administration, scholarship, courses’ contents, and the atmosphere around the university are way much better in Korea. I feel supported and helped every single day at PNU, and never get lost.


4. What is your future goal or plan after graduating from PNU GSIS? What do you strive for in your life?

  After graduating from PNU GSIS, my goal is to get a job in Asia (Korea, China or Vietnam especially) in the area of International Trade/International Cooperation. I always had interest for both of these subjects, as a result, it is impossible for me to choose between them. I can also speak Chinese and Korean, which I think can help me to get a job in Asia more easily.