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Meet the World at GSIS





International Logistics and Port Management, MA Course





1. What made you choose PNU GSIS?

  That was quite a difficult choice for me since I had received the offers from Sogang University and Kyunghee University before I got messages from PNU GSIS.  PNU GSIS is mainly for international studies and this college has successfully developed for 2 decades. What draws me deeply are the most professional faculties and considerate facilities. Here, we can gain the latest information and knowledge about our interested field. I focus on logistics after I accomplished my bachelor career in China since globalization has already been the mainstream worldwide which connects all countries more closely than ever before. Then I realized how important logistics has already bee and PNU GSIS enables me to learn more knowledge about this field, so I’m determined to pursue a further study in PNU GSIS.



2. How (what) do you think about PNU GSIS?

   Unlike other colleges, some of classes are given in English in PNU GSIS which I think is good to me because I can improve my English and Korean at the same time. In PNU GSIS, everyone treats me well and I’ve meet friends from all over the world. Here is the place where I will never feel helpless and empty.



3. Would you briefly introduce your country? Comparing your home country, what do you feel about living and studying in Korea?

   I come from Beijing which is one of the most internationalized and most modern in the world. I am always proud when I introduce my hometown since this city really gives me great pleasure, love, bright future, dream and even all. An increasing number of transnational enterprises settle down here because of the large market and great developing prospect.

Commercial trade between Korea and China get more closer with the development of globalization because of the geographical location and similar cultural characters. Turning points of my life reached me when I was a junior. I was lucky to be selected as an exchanged student and sent to Daegu university for one-year studying. Mentioning that one-year, I always see that as my first step in Korea as I started learning Korean and culture there. Frankly speaking, I always compare Korea with my country and try to find the deficiencies. If one exists, there appears to be others as well. Only by learning others’ strong points, can we cover our own shortages and make progress. The same goes to the development of my country. Up to know, I have stayed in Korea for 1 year and 6 months. I always hold a modest attitude toward everything. Studying and living in Korea do teaches me lot, much more than that in China, and I will be taught more in the rest time in Korea. As far as I’m concerned, I will always give me heart to it and stay strong.