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Meet the World at GSIS




International Trade, MA Course




1. What made you choose PNU GSIS?

  There are several reasons why I chose PNU GSIS as my next school. First, it is because one of my professors at Silla University, Professor Andrew, who studied in GSIS before, suggested me the school. With those amazing and interesting experiences gained from his previous studies here, he inspired me to pursue my higher education at the best university in Busan- PNU GSIS. Second, after spending days and days searching for the students’ reviews as well as the information about the school’s teaching and learning facilities, financial supports then I realized that GSIS perfectly suits what I expected to study professionally the International Trade major. Third, since the strategic relationship between Vietnamese and Korean governments have signed in 2009 and Vietnam Korea FTA signed in 2015 the bright future of students studying International Trade can be easily seen. I believed that GSIS would make my dreams come true.

2. How (what) do you think about PNU GSIS?

  One of the advantages of studying in PNU GSIS is that you would be taught by professors from all around the world, who are fluently speaking English with the American- oriented teaching styles. Another good point is that when you study in a class you are able to listen to different approaches from students from all parts of the world, especially from their cultural perspectives.

3. Would you briefly introduce your country? Comparing your home country, what do you feel about living and studying in Korea?

   I am Dung David, from Vietnam. Vietnam is an emerging country in South East Asia with the population of 92 million citizens. Compared with Vietnam, I feel more satisfied with the education system here as well as the entertainment places.

4. What is your future goal or plan after graduating from PNU GSIS? What do you strive for in your life?

  After the graduation here, I would like to work for an international company or a Korean company for several years before coming back to Vietnam. Experiences accumulated from those companies would facilitate me quite a lot in my later career as a trade manager in Vietnam, I believe.