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Invitation to 2018 SCB Future Leader Challenge (SCBFLC), International…

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We would like to cordially invite Pusan National University to participate in the competition is globally recognized and in the previous year, we have received over 280 worldwide applications e.g. INSEAD, UCL, NUS, Peking University, KAIST, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, etc. And this year we would love to have students from Pusan National University to participate in our competition. SCB Future Leader Challenge (SCBFLC), a case competition for master’s students. 


SCBFLC is Thailand's first case competition for master's degree students. The competition offer Cash prizes over 6,500 USD H.M. The King of Thailand Award. This would be a great opportunity for your students to visit Thailand and to challenge themselves. We offer full accommodation, 24 hour food service and transportation for all semi-final teams.

We are looking for talented team to join our competition. We certainly encourage to submit an application proposal to our acquisition team at http://www.scbflc.com/apply-online/ now opened until 30 March 2018

•  Preliminary round will be an online competition during 3 - 9 April 2018

•  Semi-final and final round will be during 26-30 June 2018 in Chonburi (only 12 selected team)


We have attached poster information with this email. If possible, could you please forward the information to your master's degree students in the related field (e.g. business, management, marketing, finance, economics and engineering), or to the professors/advisor/faculty member who might be interested in joining the competition.

For further information, please visit www.scbflc.com, or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuL9WfjFUh8


Thank you in advance for helping us sharing the information. :)


Best Regards,

Panitta Phothapaeree (Gift)


Email: admin@scbflc.com

Mobile: +66(0)8 6260 7877

             +66(0)9 4891 5592

Website: www.scbflc.com 

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