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Internship at APL Korea




Internationaland Area Studies Major








Studying at the GSIS does not mean to only sit at a desk memorizing theories and numbers, it means broadening your horizon and getting experienced in many aspects of life in Korea, outside university, too. A field trip to the Pusan Newport last semester for example impressed me so much that I decided to do an internship in logistics. This was made possible this semester, supported by the kind help of the GSIS. It was not my first internship and I honestly wondered if I would end up just arranging files, copying or answering phone calls. Therefore, taking the morning subway on the first day of the internship looking into the tired faces of office workers and students, I felt relieved that at least my friend was not just tired, but, like me, a bit nervous, too. And on the second last day of our internship we all fell “슬프다“ when thinking of our last day at work. What happened in between? Neither nervous nor sad, but with smiling and curious faces we experienced a very well balanced internship: Presentations and discussion in the meeting room, 1:1 training by different department’s managers and detailed insight into their everyday work as well as guided tours through a vessel, terminal and warehouse. APL’s staff was always friendly and open to all kinds of questions we had, enriching us with theoretical as well as practical knowledge and experience. Tomorrow, on our last day, we will leave the APLKorea branch office with our heads filled with logistic operation knowledge,insights into one of the biggest shipping companies worldwide, and filled with memoriesof a good time.  




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Student Activities 목록
No Title Date
14 해양수산부 및 한국해양수산개발원 지원 극지전문인력프로그램 참여 : 핀란드, 김윤진   2017-10-10
13 해운항만물류전문인력양성사업(선진물류해운항만 단기연수프로그램): 필리핀-신진원   2017-08-30
12 해운항만물류전문인력양성사업(선진물류해운항만 인턴십프로그램): 미국, LA-장윤정   2017-08-17
11 해운항만물류전문인력양성사업(선진물류해운항만 인턴십프로그램): 미국, LA-김슬아   2017-08-14
10 해운항만물류전문인력양성사업(선진물류해운항만 단기연수프로그램): 홍콩-강경한   2017-01-23
9 해운항만물류전문인력양성사업: 홍콩-신진원   2017-01-18
8 KIEP-PNU GSIS 지역전문가 양성과정(GPAS): 필리핀-이현정   2016-11-29
7 해운항만물류전문인력양성사업연수: T&B Logistics (미국, 휴스턴) - 김대영   2016-11-11
6 부산대학교대외교류본부교환학생: 프리드리히알렉산더대학 - 정예랑   2016-09-06
5 EU Summer School Program: 에스토니아탈린대학교 - 김경림   2016-09-06
4 EU Summer School Program: 에스토니아탈린대학교 - 정연택   2016-09-06
3 해운항만물류전문인력양성사업연수: 팬스타오스카(SANSTAR) - 최동윤   2016-09-06
2 KIEP-PNU GSIS 공동지역연구활성화방안(GPAS)해외현지조사 - 김상진   2016-09-05
열람중 Internship at APL Korea - JohannaUpgang-Sicking   2016-09-05